About Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are used by approximately one million homes in the United Sates to fuel primary or secondary heating appliances. They are purchased primarily in a forty pound bag but the bulk market for wood pellets is growing every day. Wood pellets compete with traditional heating fuels including oil and propane as well other renewable fuels including corn. 

What is a Wood Pellet?

A wood pellet is a piece of ground wood, dehydrated and compressed to twice the energy density of green wood. In addition to the increased density, a pellet has a higher calorific value, less expensive transportation costs, improved storage and logistics and automated handling. In essence, wood pellet fuel becomes a viable substitute for fossil fuels such as oil or natural gas.

Wood Pellet Benefits
  • Wood Pellets are a renewable and sustainable heat and energy fuel, produced from 100 percent wood fiber.
  • Wood Pellets are carbon neutral. When burned, they emit the same amount of carbon dioxide as is absorbed when a tree grows in the forest.
  • Wood Pellets cost less than fossil fuels. The cost of wood pellets are far more stable than the ever-increasing price of fossil fuels.
  • Wood Pellets are available locally. The forests of North America provide an abundant supply of raw material to produce wood pellets.

To learn more about the benefits of heating with pellets, visit the Pellet Fuel Institute website.

How do pellets compare?

For heating, one ton of wood pellets equals...

  • 120 gallons of heating oil
  • 170 gallons of propane
  • 16,000 ft3 of natural gas
  • 4,775 kWh of electricity

To calculate your own savings, use the calculator on the PFI website.

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