Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q.) How does Michigan Wood Fuels make its wood pellets? Are there any additives?

A.)  We buy hardwood logs and process them at our facility by debarking, grinding and drying the material into sawdust. There are no additives in our pellets. 

Q.) Are consumers allowed to buy wood pellets direct from the plant? Can consumers buy a full truck for delivery to their friends and family?

A.)  No, our pellets can only be purchased from one of our dealers. A list of our dealers can be found here. No, we do not sell full truckloads direct to a group of consumers. However, many of our dealers will be happy to provide this service for a group of customers.

Q.) I cannot find your pellets near my home, is there anything I can do?

A.) Yes, please let us know where you are and we will try to find a local business willing to carry our line of pellets.

Q.) My dealer says you are sold out, but your plant is located near my home. Why can’t my dealer just come get some for me?

A.)  Michigan Wood Fuels strives to sell a conservative level of its projected production in advance by accepting purchase orders from our customers. We have customers throughout the Northeast therefore demand always remains high.

Q.) What if I buy your pellets and I am not happy with them. What do I do?

A.)  Please call your dealer, we will all do our best to make the situation right.

Q.) I have a retail store and I want to carry your wood pellets, what do I do?

A.) Please visit our Become a Dealer page. Someone from our company will contact you once we receive your information.

Q.) Does Michigan Wood Fuels sell pellets in bulk today?

A.) No, we are not set up to deliver bulk wood pellets yet.

Q.) I have a wood pellet grill. Can I use Michigan Wood Fuels? I want to use your pellets for animal bedding, is this ok?

A.) Michigan Wood Fuels makes hardwood pellets for the sole intended purpose of creating thermal space heat. Any other use of our fuel is not sanctioned or encouraged by our company.

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