Michigan Wood Fuels - Pellet Quality

Michigan Wood Fuels consistently produces wood pellets that are premium grade in quality. Producing a great pellet starts with buying high quality raw material. We only procure the highest grade wood chips money can buy in the area surrounding Holland, MI. Our staff are all now considering veterans in the pellet business so our customers can feel rest assured that only the highest quality pellets are being produced on a daily basis at Michigan Wood Fuels. Over the years we have perfected and documented best practices in wood procurement, wood processing, pelletizing and packaging to ensure that each experience with our product is a good one for our customers. 

Our pellets consistently test  well within the following parameters:

 - Ash: <0.75% 

 - Heat output: 8,000+ Btu/lb

 - Fines: <.5%

Independent test results of our pellet fuel can be sent out upon request. Our fuel is tested on a regular basis by the most respected testing lab in the industry.

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